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If you love to go sightseeing then Europe is the place to go. Sightseeing in Europe is seriously amazing with historical factors and many more sites to see and do. As you know Europe has the most welcoming countries around. They are so gracious towards tourist.

This is described by cruise companies, that a Europe land tour will cost up to 45% more than an average Europe cruise. So, this will save you allot of money which then can be invested towards something else.

If you are still not convinced that Europe cruises are very good value, don't worry you will be. Below, it states clearly what the benefits are:

• You will have a variety of ports to choose from.
• You will have a range of cruises and ships to choose from.
• You will visit several counties in one visit.
• You will only have to unpack once.
• You will have the finest foods from Europe.
• You will have a range of activities to choose from.
• You will save a huge heaps of money.
• You will have so little stress as they will do all the work, like hiring a guide, accommodation, foods & drink, cars etc.

Holland America offers you a variety of European cruises. They visit more than 146 cities and also 15 ports in the year of 2007. These European cruises are just amazing, they start from 10 and can carry onto 56 days. So, all you have to do is find the perfect time for you, which suits you.

Deciding on where to go? Let me see, how about France, Scandinavia, Baltic, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, or Spain, how does that sound to you? And that's not even half of the destination you can go to. Now, let's move to land tours.

Looking for a new and fresh trend in European travel? Then look no more. The common cruise cost around £450-£100, so there's a chance to take advantage of the low prices by getting a family discount or senior discount. If you compare that the olden land tour, you will see now you are saying heaps of money, if you go by cruises. Also take into count the accommodations, guides, planes, transport, and also food and drink. So, now you know cruises are like a god send.

There is lot of information about Sightseeing in Europe and how it saves you money than land tours, so now you must come to a conclusion that this is the tour for you.

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Europe Sightseeing - Get a Cruise!

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This article was published on 2010/04/01