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Europe is one of the fantastic destination to have great fun during the vacations. If you are planning for the holidays and are confused about where to go then plan for this wonderful continent which houses some of the most popular holiday destinations of the world. If you are going to plan for this continent then you will definitely going to see a bit of everything. From the peaks of Europe in Switzerland and Austria to the beautiful and historically rich cities in Germany. Many of the actual culture and political appearance of Europe nowadays depends on what this regions did in the past and getting insight in their  yourself. While planning for the europe you can also take the help of the europe deals which are meant to provide you the pocket friendly option to make your trip with cheap hotel and transportation options.

If you are thinking in making it short, or your boss is the kind of person that does not understand that you really need longer holidays, or if you are planning to combine the visit to Europe with other parts of the continent or the World, then this route could fit your interests. Selecting the cities may be tricky, but as a trip organizer I always recommend the capitals Berlin in Germany and Vienna in Austria and a visit to Zürich in Switzerland. As mentioned above, the best way to do it would be taking a train pass for 3 countries and 4 traveling days. If not, remember that low cost flights in Europe are probably 10 times cheaper than in America so using Ryanair first and German Wings or Easyjet if the route is not covered by Ryanair would be also good and cheap options.

This is a proposal for the standard vacations time most people have. Apart from the cities of Vienna, Zürich and Berlin, in this case I would add Prague (as it comes in the way between Berlin and Vienna and is an impressive city in the Czech Republic), Salzburg, which sits by the mountains with amazing nature sightseeing opportunities and a medieval castle and Munich in Germany. If you are a quick traveler and you want to see a lot in little time I would also include Geneva. For the best time efficient route, I would make it from Berlin to Munich, from there to Zürich in Switzerland, further west to Geneva, going back to Salzburg, visiting further east the capital Vienna and finally heading north to Prague and Berlin again. Of course you can start the route in other departure points depending on the best flight options you have from your home city to Europe.

In this case, we are speaking about a long holiday that will give you the opportunity to visit deeper the countries and get to know the landscapes. That's why I highly encourage a train trip. To the route provided for the 2 weeks trip, I would add a visit to Köln just after the visit to Berlin before heading south to Geneva. Running east you should visit Bern, Switzerland's capital city, Interlaken, Zürich and Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna in Austria. Finally, as in the 2 weeks trip, I would head northwards to Prague on the way to Berlin.

And finally, the so much expected trip for the ones with the nice boss or the ones that are in control of their time. Or simply for the ones that have the time and energy to spend a whole month in the European central region and want to deeply explore its culture, history and way of life. Taking the route for the 3 weeks trip you would add Hamburg between Berlin and Köln, Luzern between Interlaken and Zürich and a visit to Bratislava which is in Slovakia very close to Vienna would be recommended before moving up to Prague. In any case, possibilities such as a ferry trip to Copenhagen in Denmark or to Amsterdam in The Netherlands would be recommended if you have extra time.

Now after deciding about  the plan of your vacation next question which strike the mind is about the hotel accommodation. Hotels in Europe are not terribly expensive but can be more expensive than other regions. You can book them in the normal way if you want, but travel certificates is the way that has given me the best results and I always recommend them to my customers. Don't let anybody lie to you and tell you that you need to pay to get a travel certificate because travel certificates are free to get and they should never be sold for any amount. There are some places that offer free travel certificates where you can get between 70 and 95% discounts for 3, 4 or even 5 star accommodation in many of the cities of the Europe. So this time if you are going to plan a trip to europe then don’t forget to give a look at your Europe deals.

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if you are planning for the trip to europe then you should go through the europe deals to make your trip pocket friendly and convenient.

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Travel to Europe

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Travel to Europe

This article was published on 2012/01/06