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Medieval periods are the beginning time for most of vampire myths to be originated. Details of ghosts visible to human eyes were recorded by historians in England in twelfth century AD. Beyond this point, there was rarely any story or legend on vampires found. The mythology and folklores regarding vampires from Eastern Europe made in way into Western Europe around seventeenth and eighteenth century. The popularity of these myths and folklores widespreaded among Western Europe despite not being born here. People well believed in these supernatural and powerful creatures. Rumors of vampires being sighted went round occasionally and people believed in them. However, there was no evidence of vampires being sighted or the existence of these creatures being proved beyond doubt.


The earliest recorded history of vampires was from the regions which now fall under modern Croatia. The legend is on the peasants who died in 1656 came back as a vampire and were drinking blood from the people of the village and was claimed to be harassing his widow. To get rid of the so called vampire the leader of the village ordered that a wooden stake be driven through the body but incidentally results were no better and hence it was decided that the head be removed from the body after which the villagers never faced such problems from vampires.


The eighteenth century was a huge number of sightings of vampires in and around Eastern Europe. The net outcomes of these sightings were grave digging and driving wooden stake through the dead body to kill the vampires.  The sightings became so often that soon this turned mass hysteria. There recorded cases of vampire attacks in 1721 in East Prussia. Another recorded case form Serbia goes like this that a farmer died at the age of 62 but returned to ask for food from his son who was killed the next day since he had refused food.


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Vampires Myths In Europe

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This article was published on 2010/09/07